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Green Travel Destinations

If you’re planning on hitting the road this summer, be sure to check out the latest “green stops” along your route.  In the latest “plenty” magazine they’ve got the best green local spots to hit while you’re on your vacation.  They’re categorized by state so you can find your destination quite easily. 

The Cincinnati recommended stop: The Cincinnati Zoo!

I love the zoo!


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Toilet to Tap – Recycled water

All of the thinking about water yesterday reminded me about an article I read a few weeks ago regarding a waste treatment plant in southern California.  California is faced with a lot, but often times they meet their challenges head on and find creative solutions to their troubles.  Drought is not one to be messed with! 

The Upper San Gabriel Valley Municipal Water District this month approved a $300,000 consulting contract with MWH, an engineering company, which will review plans for a treatment plant that turns waste water into drinking water and stores it in the San Gabriel Basin. The water/waste will undergo a three-step treatment process that involves microfiltration, reverse osmosis and ultraviolet light.  After the water is treated, it is shipped to the basin for at least six months. Then, it receives additional treatment, and finally becomes drinking water.

lt seems as though the biggest hurdle will be to convince the public that it is safe and good for the community.  It sounds like a neat concept and as long as its been tested repeatedly I’d be okay with it.  I think at first I would have a hard time not thinking about where the water came from.  But if push came to shove and it was either treated water or no/VERY EXPENSIVE water, I’d say pass me a glass!

You can read the full article here:

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Summer Heat = Need more Water!

Its officially hot here in Cincinnati and around the rest of the country.  I was watching the weather channel tonight and the entire country was practically red!  YIKES.

This means that some people around our area will see the need to keep their lawn sparkling green amidst this horrible heat.  Never-mind the fact that large sections of our country are running alarmingly low on this precious and life sustaining resource.  It was nice to see an article in the Cincinnati Enquirer today giving tips on how to save on water.  Everyone is trying to save on gas, that sometimes we forget about saving our water.

The list was assembled and brought to you by the water agencies of Santa Cruz County area.  Check out to learn the 50 ways you can save.  Many of these you already eco-minded people are already doing.  But there is always room for improvement right?

Go and save some water!

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Going Green and doing it Vertically


Want a green space of your own, but don’t have a yard or roof?  Think VERTICAL!  Many times we get stuck in our boxes of what and how we think gardens should look.  But yes, gardens can be vertical.

Whether you live in a small urban space:

Indoor Living Wall
Indoor Living Wall
Or you have a larger space to work with:

Outdoor Living Wall
Outdoor Living Wall


I think this is a really neat idea.  Why don’t we see some of this in our city?  That would be really neat…

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Northside GREEN Homes SOLD!

The latest is just in: Both Northside green homes are under contract! 

Not only has 1444 Chase been sold and we are set to close in August, but we also went under contract on 1440 Chase Ave this evening.  

I know it is always risky to spread the word so soon, but this comes as pure joy and relief to all those who have seen this project from conception to completion.  We are privileged to be working with such a caring group as CNCURC.  Its exciting to see the vision and heart that these people have for their community.  This is just one of the great reasons why Northside is a growing community despite current national market conditions.


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Who Are We?

Libby Hunter and Jami Stutzman are local Cincinnati Realtors and members of the U.S. Green Building Council who have a passion for sustainable living. Environmental responsibility lies at the core of our business practice - let us show you how we can help with ecologically-minded real estate needs. Please browse our blog, visit our local green vendors' websites and if you are in the market to buy or sell a home, let us show you how green features can make all the difference in your experience!

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