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Tap Water is Making a Come Back!

What’s old is new again.  Evidently Pepsi Co. is cutting jobs because more people are drinking water!  Thats great news!

The study also found:

“…consumers are increasingly choosing tap water over other beverages at restaurants and at home to help save money and the environment, according to PepsiCo and industry analysts. Research by William Pecoriello, an analyst at Morgan Stanley, found that 34 percent of consumers say they are reusing plastic bottles more often and 23 percent say they are cutting back on bottled beverages in favor of tap water or beverages in containers that create less waste.”

Perhaps the general public is becoming more educated after all??  I like it.


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Fernald Preserve Receives a LEED Platinum Rating – A first in Ohio

This is fantastic news!  Especially for Megen Construction and Glaserworks!  Way to go!

I was out there about a month and a half ago to tour the facility and was EXTREMELY impressed with what they’ve done with the site and how they’ve transformed it.

For those of you who don’t know about site, here is a little brief history:  The 1,050 acre Fernald property once contained a uranium processing facility that served as the first link in America’s nuclear weapons production cycle.  Uranium production ended at Fernald in 1989 and was followed by a $4.4 billion environmental cleanup and ecological restoration.  Click here for more info & history on the plant.

Now it is a beautiful preserve and on its way back to restoring itself.  The property’s natural features include one of the largest manmade wetlands in Ohio, large tracts of open water, upland forests, a lengthy riparian corridor and the beginnings of tall grass prairies.  Enjoy all of these features via walking trails and learn about the history of the site in their visitors center.  Its a great thing to do in this beautiful fall weather.  The environmentally friendly visitors center is equally as impressive.  It features include a geothermal-based heat-pump system, high-efficiency electrical, water and plumbing fixtures, window placements that optimize sunlight in all seasons and a bio-wetland on the site that will process all the building’s wastewater.

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Senate added renewable credits to the bailout.

Not sure if you read or saw this recent article regarding the bailout plan the senate passed.  Evidently, renewable credits were added to the bailout package.  The details of the credits vary somewhat in the many different bills that have been introduced and passed the different chambers. In their latest $18 billion incarnation, the tax credit for producing electricity from wind would be extended for one year, while the credit for other renewable sources would be extended for two years. The tax breaks for solar energy would be extended for eight years.

If the bailout package passes, the renewable credit will pass with it. If it fails, Congress still probably won’t go home for the year. They would likely come back to try to fashion something else that will pass. 

To read the full article go here:

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Steam Mop – a Great Green Cleaning Tool

I recently discovered the glory of cleaning my hardwood floors with a steam mop.  It uses no cleaners, the microfiber towel is completely washable and all you need is a plug and some water!

Its my favorite new cleaning tool and my hardwood floors have never looked so good.

I was recently down at Park + Vine and they have a new product that gives you 4 recyclable (#2) squirt bottles and a list of great homemade green cleaning products.  Its great for those of you looking to make your own cleaning supplies.  Its fun and you’ll feel really satisfied after your finished cleaning 🙂

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