How Will You Help in 2009?

January 8, 2009 at 7:57 pm Leave a comment

Most of us want to do the right thing, we care about making a difference, minimizing our impact on the environment and making socially responsible choices.  No fist-pounding here about environmental resolutions for the new year, we don’t want to  harass anyone into modifying their lifestyle with a nearly impossible list of eco-must-do’s.

Rather, Jami and I are taking a good, hard look at our simple, daily habits – those small things we do by second nature, or almost unconsciously – and how they might be altered to help reduce waste, contribute to the recovery of our environment and ultimately lead to bigger and more impactful changes.  Check back with us to hear what we are doing and how it’s working for us, real life guinea pigs trying to do the best we can within  fast-paced, demanding work and family schedules.  One goal at a time, making modest progress towards substantial outcomes.

If we can compound this progress by having others join us in making these small changes, imagine the difference!  As Alice Walker so aptly put it in an interview last year,

“This is how change happens, though. It is a relay race, and we’re very conscious of that, that our job really is to do our part of the race, and then we pass it on, and then someone picks it up, and it keeps going. And that is how it is. And we can do this, as a planet, with the consciousness that we may not get it, you know, today, but there’s always a tomorrow.”

On a much grander scale, take a moment to consider what our new administration is doing to lead us forward into the environmental era – visit Obama’s address to the Governor’s Global Climate Summit.  With new leadership in place that is committed to slowing, halting, and eventually reversing global warming, why not join in our own small, do-able ways?  A sort of pride of ownership of a movement that must succeed or we all fail. 

Start thinking about your daily choices as a consumer, as a producer, as a parent and a citizen, stay tuned and stay in touch.  Here goes:

Obama’s Address to the Governor’s Summit on Global Climate Change


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